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Creative Camera Tethering With The New Alien Skin X4 Software

If you have ever thought about tethering your camera to your computer and it seemed like a difficult process, especially with Adobe and other programs, then you need to look at these videos.  You may question why you would want to tether and have your images come up in your software and you may think it is only for people doing portrait shoots but that is not correct.  It makes a great tool for doing in-house product shoots, in-house artful shoots, and with Alien Skin X4 you can also shoot in several different presets at the same time so you can see what creative film look works best for your images.  It is not just for Fuji as it will work for almost all cameras.  Check it out on Alien Skins website below.


Alien Skin X4 was recently released and has a great many features that should appeal to very creative photographers and yes even those who are not so creative.  The best thing you can do is go directly to their website if you want to learn more and even download a 30-day trial.

Is it a viable alternative to the popular subscription only Lightroom CC Classic.  Yes, it is and it is not a subscription which is really nice.  It has layers, folders, collections, tons of presets and filters with what many have said and I agree, the best film presets ever produced. Tons of them.

Take so time to learn something new by downloading their trial copy. RIGHT HERE.




Every year people with all sorts of cameras having waited for one of the most wonderfully colorful and crisp seasons rush out into the world to create some spectacular images. While I will more than likely do the same this year, I also wanted to take a look back at lots of images to give myself the inspiration to get my butt out there once again on the chance that there is something going to happen that I have not seen before. Today I use Fuji X camera gear but over the years I have worked with several different camera systems.  Most of the images in this gallery were taken with Fuji cameras but there are some that were shot with Nikon, Pentax and Olympus.  I have never used a camera system that I did not like.  They have all been great pieces of technology and have made my photographic endeavors very pleasurable.  Today I travel as light as possible and own a Fuji X pro 2 camera and three prime lenses. 23mm,35mm and 50m, all 2.0 lenses.  The whole system is light, compact, and weather sealed, and on any given day my total package to go out with is no more than 6 pounds total and that includes the aforementioned gear, 4 batteries, 2 extra cards, cleaning stuff, cable release.  I may throw a flash in my pocket should I need a touch more light. 🙂 and there is always a small lightweight tripod in the trunk of my car. The same goes for software.  Software today is greatly improved over what was available many years ago and while the packages offer pretty much the same basic controls there are some that provide a lot more creative control and it is not unusual for a photographer to work with several softwares to create the look they want to achieve.  For the most part I cannot tell you what was processed with what and unless I look at my Exif data I couild not tell you what camera or lens I used. Today my software includes an Adobe subscription which I may stop but maybe not.  Then there are three creative packages. One is the Skylum Luminar. Another is Alein Skin X3, and a third, but not used often is Skylum Aurora Hdr. I use Adobe subscription that includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC Cloud based, and Lightroom Mobile CC for the Ipad Pro.  The only reason I use it is because it is the only software company that provides a complete “eco” system.  What does that mean?  It means that if I am working on my Ipad Pro and processing images, everything I do will be saved to the Adobe Creative Cloud.  Because of that I can go to my office and launch Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic and the images will sync to those applications for further use or data collection.  Of course it also works in reverse.  Process on my computer in my office and open up my Ipad pro and launch the Lightroom Mobile app and those images will sync to my Ipad Pro.  Very convenient.  And it is possible to tell Lightroom Classic to bring down images from the Adobe cloud and have them actually store on the Ipad Pro just in case I am going to be in a place where there is zero WiFi. Whew.  It’s a lot.  You are also locked in to the Adobe library which is not my favorite data storage option.  if other software companies could provide apps and syncing capability I would probably kiss Adobe goodbye.

Microsoft announces Surface 3 tablet running full Windows: Connect


Personal Observations 03/15/2015

I like good hardware concepts where innovation takes the lead for the benefit of users.

I have been an Apple / Macintosh user for a great many years.  More years than I like to admit.  There was a small period when I was corporately bullied in to using Windows “whatever” but still held on to my Mac machines.

That said, after reading about the new full Windows tablet and of course their regular portables, I could easily be swayed.

Years ago if one made a decision to switch they also had to pony up to buy all new software for the Windows platform and every so often the prime software manufacturers offered a switch over deal that was sort of okay.

Today that is no longer the case for some of us.  Software is in the air, the cloud, the cosmos.  Adobe, Microsoft, and a few others have made it easy.  Just switch systems and move your software. Click on the link.

Many people are on fixed incomes today.  That means that making a decision to by a piece of gear, in this case a new computer takes a lot of thought.  If a Mac is going to cost you 2300.00 but a similarly equipped PC portable or tablet is going to be considerably less but with even more function I would choose the windows machine today.  This is the case even though I am one of the crazed Mac user loving it and enjoying it.  But for what could be half the price to get my work done it would be an easy decision for me to make.

What I find interesting in this announcement is one of the things that many of us have missed on tablets.  Usb 3.0 connector standard, and a regular monitor hook up and that is just some of the major differences from one manufacturer to another.

We shall all defend our camera choices and computer choices.  It will always boil down to what works best for the user and how much money one is ready to spend on feature to feature and benefit to benefit.

Microsoft announces Surface 3 tablet running full Windows: Connect.


Have you ever heard that guys don’t like to ask for directions? HOW TO FIX NIK PLUGIN CRASHES IS WHAT THIS IS ABOUT

For months I gave up on Nik plugins for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop because a couple of really essential ones, (like Viveza) would come up with a window full of gobbly gook that made no sense to me.  Can you yell frustration.

Well I had written a blog about MacPhun Plugins just based on general usage and happen to mention my plight with NIK.  I had a virtual immediate response from Google (Owners of Nik) and they actually came up with several resolutions one of which worked wonderfully.

Well sometimes all one has to ask the folks who are responsible for the software the right question.  BELOW IS THE RIGHT ANSWER which I copy pasted from the email they sent me.

Mac OS X is very sensitive with regards to duplicate copies of fonts. All of the Nik Collection plug-ins utilize Arial fonts. If you are experiencing otherwise unexplainable crashes or iservlet.ImageServer?id=01580000001S9cI&oid=00D80000000bfZy&lastMod=1306961877000ssues with the Nik Collection products, removing all copies of the Arial fonts then replacing them with a new set should correct the issue as described.
Navigate to your Applications folder and open your Font Book as seen below.

Select all Arial fonts that are listed and move them to the Trash then empty it. Note: it is important to empty the Trash. If they are servlet.ImageServer?id=01580000000y7ao&oid=00D80000000bfZyin any other place on your hard drive, the Font Book will still load them.

Please open the link below. On the web page press Cmd + S on your keyboard to save the Drive contents in a zip file.

Open the zip file and move the files to a folder on your Desktop.
In a Finder window, navigate to Macintosh HD/Library/Fonts
Move all of the fonts from the Desktop to the Fonts folder.
Restart your system to apply the changes.

*For any copy/paste step, you may alternately type in the command. Copy/paste has simply been suggested for ease of execution.