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 September 2016

I finally made it out thinking that the heat of summer had passed.  This was one hot summer with temps in real numbers in the high 90’s in Virginia with very high humidity.

Sadly I was mistaken.  There was an event set up at one of the outside shopping developments and I was off to shoot what I could shoot.

It turned out to be 96 degrees, very humid and very uncomfortable, but I was not going to seek the air conditioning of the house I live in and decided to make it a day of shooting at this excellent Chile cook off event and decided to make it a day

So perhaps from just plain old boredom I decided to try a few things with On1 software which is an excellent image processor and because the Fuji X pro 2 image files are just so good I only used them.

This program also allows presets and filters and I decided to use the ones from PhotoMorphisis / Cuban collection.  I am not sure yet if I like the effect but here they are.

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 and a little slide show

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June 2016 Gallery 2

June 2016 Gallery 1

May 2016 Gallery 1

APRIL 2016 Gallery 4

APRIL 2016 Gallery 3

Fuji XT1,35mm 2.0, Classic Chrome setting window light, mounted on Gitzo tripod, RRS 40 head and the new Flextilt head.

APRIL 2016 Gallery 2

Some images the same with slight post processing differences

April 2016 Gallery 1