The Fuji XH1, Not for me but it will be and should be for others

I made a switch from the larger Dslr cameras years ago and never looked back.  I finally wound up with the Fuji X system, right from the beginning, and love everything Fuji has done in regards to style and especially image quality. I cannot not  say how and where I was able to get some [...]

Why Have You Stopped Taking Pictures

Lately I have been speaking with people from all walks of life who used to love photography and making pictures but for reasons that are not really clear, just stopped doing it.  What started the conversation was my little Cosyspeed Streetomatic Plus camera bag with a Manfrotto Pixi Evo table top tripod sticking up out [...]

What Happens When Your Camera Is The Same As Every Other Camera? An opinion piece!

  What Happens When Your Camera Is The Same As Every Other Camera?  An opinion piece I have used a lot of different camera brands and overall they all produced very nice images.  But the system that I finally wound up with after all my years of shooting with different cameras is the Fuji X [...]

Monochrome — updated July 13th, 2017 with a better viewing method

  Monochrome --- updated July 13th, 2017 with a better viewing method Many many years ago when I was just a kid working in my dad's darkroom, black and white photography was what we did.  People shot in black and white, processed black and white and created images that were story telling, dramatic, honing in [...]

Essential = absolutely necessary; indispensable-Cosyspeed Streetomatic plus

Essential = absolutely necessary; indispensable - Cosyspeed Essential Solutions   That is what most dictionaries say.  And what that means based on what each individual believes will determine what in their photographic life is essential. For the fun of it I am including a small poll to see what you feel is essential. I'll get [...]