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Hanukkah – What Is It All About?

To my family, to my Jewish friends, to all of my non-Jewish friends, and to those who care I want to wish all of you a very Happy Hanukkah



And always remember to follow your moral compass, understanding that we are all human and equal. Refuse to tolerate those who are racists, bigots and just plain haters of everything, even themselves.







Creative Camera Tethering With The New Alien Skin X4 Software

If you have ever thought about tethering your camera to your computer and it seemed like a difficult process, especially with Adobe and other programs, then you need to look at these videos.  You may question why you would want to tether and have your images come up in your software and you may think it is only for people doing portrait shoots but that is not correct.  It makes a great tool for doing in-house product shoots, in-house artful shoots, and with Alien Skin X4 you can also shoot in several different presets at the same time so you can see what creative film look works best for your images.  It is not just for Fuji as it will work for almost all cameras.  Check it out on Alien Skins website below.


Alien Skin X4 was recently released and has a great many features that should appeal to very creative photographers and yes even those who are not so creative.  The best thing you can do is go directly to their website if you want to learn more and even download a 30-day trial.

Is it a viable alternative to the popular subscription only Lightroom CC Classic.  Yes, it is and it is not a subscription which is really nice.  It has layers, folders, collections, tons of presets and filters with what many have said and I agree, the best film presets ever produced. Tons of them.

Take so time to learn something new by downloading their trial copy. RIGHT HERE.




Every year people with all sorts of cameras having waited for one of the most wonderfully colorful and crisp seasons rush out into the world to create some spectacular images. While I will more than likely do the same this year, I also wanted to take a look back at lots of images to give myself the inspiration to get my butt out there once again on the chance that there is something going to happen that I have not seen before. Today I use Fuji X camera gear but over the years I have worked with several different camera systems.  Most of the images in this gallery were taken with Fuji cameras but there are some that were shot with Nikon, Pentax and Olympus.  I have never used a camera system that I did not like.  They have all been great pieces of technology and have made my photographic endeavors very pleasurable.  Today I travel as light as possible and own a Fuji X pro 2 camera and three prime lenses. 23mm,35mm and 50m, all 2.0 lenses.  The whole system is light, compact, and weather sealed, and on any given day my total package to go out with is no more than 6 pounds total and that includes the aforementioned gear, 4 batteries, 2 extra cards, cleaning stuff, cable release.  I may throw a flash in my pocket should I need a touch more light. 🙂 and there is always a small lightweight tripod in the trunk of my car. The same goes for software.  Software today is greatly improved over what was available many years ago and while the packages offer pretty much the same basic controls there are some that provide a lot more creative control and it is not unusual for a photographer to work with several softwares to create the look they want to achieve.  For the most part I cannot tell you what was processed with what and unless I look at my Exif data I couild not tell you what camera or lens I used. Today my software includes an Adobe subscription which I may stop but maybe not.  Then there are three creative packages. One is the Skylum Luminar. Another is Alein Skin X3, and a third, but not used often is Skylum Aurora Hdr. I use Adobe subscription that includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC Cloud based, and Lightroom Mobile CC for the Ipad Pro.  The only reason I use it is because it is the only software company that provides a complete “eco” system.  What does that mean?  It means that if I am working on my Ipad Pro and processing images, everything I do will be saved to the Adobe Creative Cloud.  Because of that I can go to my office and launch Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic and the images will sync to those applications for further use or data collection.  Of course it also works in reverse.  Process on my computer in my office and open up my Ipad pro and launch the Lightroom Mobile app and those images will sync to my Ipad Pro.  Very convenient.  And it is possible to tell Lightroom Classic to bring down images from the Adobe cloud and have them actually store on the Ipad Pro just in case I am going to be in a place where there is zero WiFi. Whew.  It’s a lot.  You are also locked in to the Adobe library which is not my favorite data storage option.  if other software companies could provide apps and syncing capability I would probably kiss Adobe goodbye.

AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES AS Nikon cancels DL compact series citing high development costs: Digital Photography Review—-Edited and reposted

Wow.  First I thought I had logged on to a cyber comedy show that made fun of cameras.  Then I realized that I was not having a nightmare in my sleep.

Nikon has introduced a brand new “compact camera” 🙂 that weights about 3 pounds and sports an up to 3000mm lens using 1/2.3 tiny sensor to achieve that focal length.


I am not going to have a lot to say about this because growing up I was always reminded that if I have nothing nice or good to say about a particular thing then don’t say anything at all.  Okay, screw that.


What I will ask however is WTF (f=firggin) hell is Nikon thinking.  In a post that I am reposting below from a over year ago, Nikon could not afford to make what they called a product that they could not financially justify and discontinued what would have been the best compact cameras they had ever made.  As a matter of fact, they were so screwed up that they actually abandoned delivery of the product even after having taken orders all over the world for it.  AND HERE THEY ARE WITH REALLY STUPID ……..    Opps. I said something not good….

I’ll ask what a lot of loyal Nikon fans have asked for the last few years and that is where is your mirrorless camera and compact lenses?????  For a company in financial difficulty how can you be throwing your R&D and production into an ugly monster like this as opposed to what your users are actually asking for????

Go here for more information




The blog post below this line was written some time ago and it was based on announcements that Nikon would discontinue production of their excellent DL series of compacts that they NEVER DELIVERED.  AND NOW A COMPLETE TURN AROUND ABOUT A NEW “COMPACT ZOOM POINT AND SHOOT that makes not sense at all.


AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES AS Nikon cancels DL compact series citing high development costs

It was back in November 2016 that Nikon did what was unheard of in the walls of Nikon Inc., and downsized by 1000 personnel to help stop a leaking boat.

Now the exceptional, never delivered DL series of cameras is gone before it ever really got here.  They have had all kinds of excuses for why delivery could not happen and now they say it is too expensive.

Nikon says that the development costs had become too great to continue. A statement released today also mentions the company’s concern that it wouldn’t sell enough units to make up for the increased costs, due to a slow down in the market.

On top of all that they have had an extreme financial loss as stated in this article from DPreview.

I personally think the DL series had great consumer potential, if they had delivered  when they were supposed to.  I know a great many people looking to carry less and some were even willing to own both cameras in lieu of a DSLR outfit.  Sad.

What is even worse is the fact that Nikon was and is the only camera company not to embrace mirrorless cameras.  Unlike Leica, Hasselblad, Canon, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, and the list goes on.

And then there is the Key Mission 360 degree cameras.  Is this late to the party POV camera enough to pull up the Nikon losses?  Only time will tell.  In the meantime competition like GoPro and others have been showing declining sales of this type of product for several years now.  Who is steering the Nikon ship?

The camera manufacturers have been on the losing end for a while because of steep competition from the phone industry.  But no matter what any one says, the phone concept as being a main camera for the serious photographer is BS.

In my opinion he quality of images from terrific stand alone cameras is still greater, better, and necessary if consumers are going to do the smart thing and print their images instead of goo gooing  over them in front of a tablet, phone, or computer monitor which don’t offer what a good print will always offer.


Nikon has officially put an end to the DL series. Announced just under a year ago, the three DL compacts would have had 1″ sensors, and were originally set to ship in June 2016. Read more

Source: Nikon cancels DL compact series citing high development costs: Digital Photography Review

Before You Whip Out Your Camera – “Take a moment to smell the roses” – This is a good read from Digital Photography School –


Before You Whip Out Your Camera – “Take a moment to smell the roses” – This is a good read from Digital Photography School –


II have long been an advocate of checking out where you are going to shoot pictures.  Getting the lay of the land and the interaction of the local population no matter where you are can lead to better images.

Now of course when it comes to certain types of photography such as sports and street a lot is also dependent upon spontaneity but just knowing where you can be do get the great shot is important in these fast-moving moments.


You can read the article here

The Fuji XH1, Not for me but it will be and should be for others

I made a switch from the larger Dslr cameras years ago and never looked back.  I finally wound up with the Fuji X system, right from the beginning, and love everything Fuji has done in regards to style and especially image quality.

I cannot not  say how and where I was able to get some play time with the Fuji H and I had already come to some conclusions after reading all the information on the web but the link I have given you a link below as well as the video review from Kevin Mullen and it sums up the opinion I had already come to.

I think this camera will prove to be one of the most exceptional video cameras that has come out in a while, and for those who want to make use of Fuji’s exceptional long primes and zooms will find that this camera will be a very welcome addition. It is a market segment that Fuji has not addressed up till now but it is a segment of the market they must enter. This hybrid falls between their medium format camera and the  outstanding Xt-2 and seems to be a logical step forward.  But for me personally it violates what the original concept of the Fuji X system. That concept was all about  small size, light weight, and quality imaging.  The outstanding quality imaging is still there but not the smaller size and lighter weight.  The feel of the camera reminds me of the dSlr bodies I used from Nikon and Pentax and Canon.

This camera will well accepted by Fuji users who have been looking for a camera that will balance nicely with bigger and heavier glass.  I should also note that some of the special video features are only available by adding on the grip accessory which makes the camera even larger and heavier.

Because of the increased size and bulk and weight, this is a not camera I would personally want to use.

I like the new features which will enhance the shooting experience. The 5 axis image stabilization and faster auto focus as well as the new film simulation offering. None of that would make me want to carry this camera around.  Hopefully these features will appear in the X pro 3 and the XT-3 if they ever come to be.

However, for the video shooter, the sports photographer, wild life photographer wanting to use longer lenses, this camera could and should find a place in their camera bag, in a studio or out in the great outdoors shooting wildlife and landscapes

But for those like me who want small and light and very portable and stealthy, ready to go anywhere cameras and lenses the Fuji X pro 2 and Xt-2 or XE series, should not consider this new camera body concept.  Save your money and add some great new Fuji lenses instead.

If you think you might want to check out this new camera, there is a Fuji in store demo on February 24th and District Camera, at their Burke, Va. location.





The Exposure Triangle: Making Sense of Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO-via PetaPixel














If you are about to learn something new, or are revisiting what you may of have sort of put aside for the love of automation it is always a smart thing to do learn or relearn the basics.

This article posted on PetaPixel is going to do just that for you.

How important is exposure in photography? What are the components of exposure? What is the “Exposure Triangle”? These are the questions I will attempt to a

Source: The Exposure Triangle: Making Sense of Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO

Major firmware updates coming for Fujifilm X-T2 and X-Pro2: DpReview & Fujirumors

Thank goodness there is at least one camera company that cares about and supports their customers.




If you are a Fuji X photographer you have to be in love with the folks at Fuji who have continuously updated firmware in their camera models at no charge and without any hassle since the inception of the product line.

Unlike other camera companies whose firmware updates are for fixing existing problems that should have been done long before the camera or lenses came to market Fuji not only admits when there has been a problem but also continues at least for a couple of years to update firmware so that it incorporates brand new features that the cameras did not have before.

In this case Fuji has announced one upgrade for the Xpro2 and the XT2 that will be here at the end of March and another that will probably come the end of may and it will add 33 brand new or enhanced features between the two models.

Not only do they produce beautiful and innovative products, you are virtually guaranteed that you will not be left behind as new models enter the market place.

I would call them the industry good guys.


Fujifilm will launch a couple of major firmware updates for its X-T2 and X-Pro2 cameras. Features on the way include focal length-dependent minimum shutter speed in ISO auto and added tools for video shooters. Read more

Source: Major firmware updates coming for Fujifilm X-T2 and X-Pro2: Digital Photography Review

The Camslinger Outdoor, Fast Operating Camera Bag

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