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The Fuji XH1, Not for me but it will be and should be for others

I made a switch from the larger Dslr cameras years ago and never looked back.  I finally wound up with the Fuji X system, right from the beginning, and love everything Fuji has done in regards to style and especially image quality. I cannot not  say how and where I was able to get some ...


Picktorial 3 – NEW Fujifilm X Pack Film Presets Are Here and reviewed by Middle Earth

If you have been paying attention to my blog then you know just how much I like Picktorial 3.0 Software.  But just to be sure you know I am going to say (shouting in caps) I    L  O  V  E     I  T......... I'll jump back a bit and say I own a ...


Monochrome — updated July 13th, 2017 with a better viewing method

  Monochrome --- updated July 13th, 2017 with a better viewing method Many many years ago when I was just a kid working in my dad's darkroom, black and white photography was what we did.  People shot in black and white, processed black and white and created images that were story telling, dramatic, honing in ...



Picktorial, as so many of you now know is my favorite raw processor especially for my Fuji X raw files on my Macintosh computers. Picktorial as a stand alone program has incredible power but like other programs also has the ability to use great plug in apps like those from Google Nik. Watch this video ...



The software, Picktorial is one that I have been working with for several months and have tested it against Adobe Lightroom, Phase One Capture One, On1 Photo Raw, and MacPhun Luminar. It has proven to be the best of the best. First, it is simple to use. Second, it has more workable powerful tools than any of the others in just the right combination to make your images scream of the screen or paper. Third, the companies ability to respond virtually instantaneously to suggestions is unheard of in the software industry in my own personal experience.


The Exposure Triangle: Making Sense of Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO-via PetaPixel

                          If you are about to learn something new, or are revisiting what you may of have sort of put aside for the love of automation it is always a smart thing to do learn or relearn the basics. This article posted on ...


Major firmware updates coming for Fujifilm X-T2 and X-Pro2: DpReview & Fujirumors

Thank goodness there is at least one camera company that cares about and supports their customers.       If you are a Fuji X photographer you have to be in love with the folks at Fuji who have continuously updated firmware in their camera models at no charge and without any hassle since the ...


AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES AS Nikon cancels DL compact series citing high development costs: Digital Photography Review

    AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES AS Nikon cancels DL compact series citing high development costs It was back in November 2016 that Nikon did what was unheard of in the walls of Nikon Inc., and downsized by 1000 personnel to help stop a leaking boat. Now the exceptional, never delivered DL series of cameras ...


The Camslinger Outdoor, Fast Operating Camera Bag

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