How To Take Beautiful Nature Close-Up Photos On iPhone

Discover 14 top tips for taking the most incredible close-up iPhone photos of nature, including flowers, leaves, feathers, spider webs and water droplets.
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In an earlier blog today I published a link to doing macro photography with your phone and I sort of hinted that while macro photography was for drawing out extreme detail of a small area of a subject, magnifying it beyond reality.

Close-up however is more or less for filling the frame with a subject while allowing for some of the environment to fill in the surrounding area. Phones are more than capable of doing that especially when they have a telephoto lens built in or when accessorizing with an external telephoto lens like the Moment 58mm.

Experimenting with the standard lens on a phone with the Moment telephoto will give you one magnification and then placing over the phones tele lens will give you quite a bit of extra telephoto range.

8 Tips For Fascinating Nature Macro Photography On iPhone

Discover 8 tips for stunning nature macro photography on iPhone. Use an iPhone macro lens to capture incredible close-up detail in nature.
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Macro photography is one of the most fun things as well as one of the most creative things that can be done with your mobile smart phones. The article I have linked to is pretty informative and provides several easy options for doing this kind of extreme imaging. Getting in close with a macro lens is not the same as getting in close up with a standard of telephoto lens. With a macro lens you are truly isolating a part of a subject to extract and enhance the subjects detail to the extreme.

Check out this article and the options available. I use a Moment macro lens because of its wonderful edge to edge clarity but there are other less expensive ways to go.

Can you shoot macro / close-up on your mobile phone? Sure you can!

Phones have become pretty incredible. They can accomplish so many things and one of them of course is capturing images on the fly, immediately as they happen. But of course you can also plan out some things you want to capture i.e extreme magnification of subject through the use of macro lenses that can attach to your phone. This is a youtube link posted by a photographer on behalf of Moment Lenses using their macro lens. This link is from the Moment lens company themselves and how they set up macro work space in their studio for using the Moment macro lens.

The beauty of Russia’s Museums – Over 5 Hours continuous shooting on iPhone 11

The power of mobile phones, and most certainly Apple’s continues to grow and grow with capability and quality I never thought would be achieved, while at the same time replacing what we know as conventional cameras.


Actual 5 hours of footage